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About us

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Who we are
Get to know our company, find out who is behind the project and what our approach is
What we do
What we do
Find out what services we provide and for whom the services are intended.
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Our team
Meet our team from the sales department, back office, management and marketing.
History, vision
History, vision
We're not newcomers to the market. Take a look at the history of our platform, vision and goals.

Who we are 

We are a Czech company RONDA INVEST a.s., which on one hand focuses on providing secured loans to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on one hand, and on the other hand, we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in these loans. RONDA thus creates a bridge between entrepreneurs who have viable projects where they need financing and people with free finances wanting to investwho want to invest. This is the so-called P2B platform, of which there are several on the Czech market. However, our projects are unique because every loan set for investment is secured by a creditworthy real estate.

Our goal is to offer you an alternative to traditional products with low risk and attractive yield. We take a personal approach seriously and we want to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, which is very rare in today's digital world.

Who's behind us

RONDA INVEST a.s. is a subsidiary of the parent company RONDA HOLDING a.s., where 85% of the shares are owned by the business group Alphaduct, a.s. of entrepreneur Vladimír Komár and 15% of the shares belong to entrepreneur Gabriel Kovács, owner of Citfin – Finanční trhy, a.s. and Citfin, spořitelní družstvo.

Our sister company is RONDA FINANCE a.s., which fascilitates facilitates financial services for our clients. RONDA FINANCE a.s. is registerd registered as a small payment institution in the register kept by the Czech National Bank in the capacity of financial market supervisory authority.


Alphaduct, a.s.

The Alphaduct group includes the leading Czech cosmetics company Dermacol a.s., whose products are sold in more than 60 countries of the world, the well-known corporate purchasing alliance AXIGON a.s., enabling fuel refuelling, as well as Krondorf a.s., a producer of taste-unique naturally saturated mineral water from the Doupov mountains.


dermacol__0.png axigon__1.png krondorf_.png


Citfin group has quickly developed into one of the most important non-bank foreign exchange traders. It provides its clients with comprehensive financial services designed mainly for entrepreneurs with business abroadcross-border business. Key products are foreign exchange, foreign payment system and Company’s multi-currency account EASY.



Our sister company, which provides payment services for our clients. Each of our clients gets a free payment account with RONDA FINANCE, to which we send him the proceeds of the investments made. The possibility to control the account via internet banking is a matter of course.


What we do

1. We specialize in real estate financing

We provide loans to business entities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These loans are secured by real estate. We offer financing of purchase, construction and reconstruction of real estate according to the real needs of the developer. We understand real estate, and try to meet the credit needs of its current and future owners as much as possible. Thanks to our team of legal specialists, we can also solve complex problems related to real estate and their financing - faster than in a bank.


Loan 80k - 4
mil. EUR


Assessment within
48 hours

Quick financing



2. We give you an opportunity to invest safely with an interesting yield

We offer individuals and legal entities the opportunity to invest in loans, which are provided by our company and thus obtain a regular above-standard yield return. These are proven credit claims, where we pay close attention to the assessment of the property.  That serves as loan security. We select only real estate projects in chosen locations such as Prague, Central Bohemia and regional cities. Thanks to this cautious approach, we finance only a fraction of the loan applications that come to us. This eliminates the risk not only for us but also for you as an investor.

Safe investment


Secured by real estate

Secured by
real estate


Online application


Our team

We present you a selection of people from our team, with whom you can come into contact most often. We're a team of enthusiasts with many years of experience in the banking sector. We complement each other perfectly and there is always a good mood in the office.

Lukáš Blažek
Lukáš Blažek
Marek Košecký
Marek Košecký
Executive Director
Petr Golka
Petr Golka
Pim Brands
Pim Brands
Marketing Manager
Denisa Bízková
Denisa Bízková
Business Manager

History, visions and goals

We're not new to the market. Firstly, we provided our services offline, and in 2019 we switched to an online environment. Nevertheless, our goal remained the same - to build personal relationships with our clients and become their partner in the world of investing. We strive to be an alternative in the investment portfolio of experienced investors as well as a guide to all newcomers to the investment market.

Therefore, one of our long-term goals is to educate and convince the Czech public that keeping money in a current account in a bank may not be the best solution. We want to show them that taking your financial future into your own hands and starting to invest can be simple, fast, ONLINE, safe and also fun.


  • In October 2019, RONDA INVEST provided a loan to two Czech companies, which was used to reconstruct a beautiful apartment building in Prague-Smíchov and also to refinance the client's liabilities with another financial institution. In the successfully completed project, the units are currently being sold after reconstruction and transferred to the end owners.
  • At the same time, RONDA INVEST sends the received funds to investors in this project, who were thus able to obtain a return of 4.6386% p.a. thanks to this short-term investment.

The loan from RONDA INVEST helped us to streamline our business and also increase our capacity through the purchase of real estate, which serves as a background for our drivers and transport equipment. We are now making full use of this increased capacity, as we have seen increased demand for food delivery due to coronavirus in recent weeks. The shopping frenzy is over, but we are still above the average. Fortunately, we have enough drivers, but we still drive non-stop and use all our cars. We pay maximum attention to the safety of transported food and our drivers, so we have equipped them with a sufficient number of drapes, disinfectant gels and follow other measures.

Michal Bilej
Owner of a smaller company operating in the field of road transport

→ Invest in this business loan. The loan is secured by: Multifunctional object - Velké Popovice


I managed to buy the U Kampusu building at auction thanks to RONDA INVEST. Initially, I asked for bank houses, which unfortunately could not guarantee me funds that would be able to release me on the basis of the auction won. That's why I asked RONDA INVEST, which helped me finance the project with the fact that they didn't require pre-sales or any other guarantees. This made the project easier and very manageable for me. Within one year, the project was reconstructed and now 95% is sold out. I am planning other projects of this type and I will definitely be happy to contact ROND again.

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Ing. Radek Hončl
Owner and manager of the U Kampusu project

The loan from RONDA INVEST helped us to successfully overcome the cash flow situation at the moment when we decided to take advantage of the investment opportunity.

In RONDA, we found a good partner focused on solutions, speed and helpfulness beyond expectations.

For me personally, an unprecedented degree of trust and reliability in this segment. I recommend cooperating with RONDA INVEST and I will definitely use their services again.

Ing. Marcel Vargaeštók
Chefparade s.r.o.

Thanks to the flexibility and speed of the loan from RONDA INVEST a.s. In 11 months, our company succeeded in buying, reconstructing and conveniently selling residential units in an apartment building on Rybalková Street in Vinohrady.
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Tomáš Slavík
CEO, Rybalkova 6, s.r.o.