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The promotion is valid for new investors in the case of an investment of min. 400 EUR.

Crisis not crisis, we pay the proceeds on time

We actively communicate with our loan clients, and we closely monitor and address their ability to repay liabilities. No investor is in a situation where a single instalment of the return was not paid in time.

Start making money on loans

Invest in loans secured by real estate with returns of up to 6% p.a.
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up to 8 % p.a.

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Real estate




We help entrepreneurs grow.

We have already financed new projects with:



mil. CZK

We paid our investors a total of

We paid our investors
a total of:


mil. CZK

You don’t pay any entry fees

You don’t pay
any entry fees:



You also don't pay any regular fees:

You also don't pay any regular fees:



Why invest in loans?

  • You can invest ONLINE mostly from 400 EUR - or try special offer product with a minimum investment of as little as 50 EUR to see how investing in loans works.
  • You will get a yield upon investment of up to 6% p.a., which is fixed and corresponds to the low level of risk
  • The proceeds are paid monthly to your account, so you have regular control over your returns
  • You have the opportunity to invest in more loans to create your own portfolio
  • The proceeds are paid monthly to your account, so you have regular control over your returns
  • You have the opportunity to invest in more loans to create your own portfolio
  • We manage and monitor receivables free of charge
  • No entry or regular fees

What makes the investments safe?


  • Before we finance a loan, we carefully examine the viability of each project and its ability to generate revenue to repay the loan granted.
  • The solvency of credit clients and the quality of loan security are thus thoroughly checked.
  • We are a team of specialists with extensive experience in the banking environment and deep knowledge of the real estate market.


  • After the solvency check, we provide a loan, which is always first 100% financed from sources of Ronda Invest a.s.
  • The loans thus granted are being repaid for a certain period of time and only then, do we allow you to invest in these loans - so before investing you know the payment morale of the loan client.


  • All loans offered for participation are secured by creditworthy real estate in selected locations such as Prague, its surroundings and regional cities. For Every property we take as a collateral, we go to see in person and have an estimate from an independent appraiser.
  • VThe size of loans granted does not exceed 70% of the value of the property (so-called LTV - the ratio between the amount of the loan granted and the value of the collateral)


  • Each loan is secured by a notarial deed with permission for enforceability, which means that in the event of exaction of unpaid loan repayments we can directly proceed to the execution of the debtors, or propose the sale of the mortgaged property. This strongly motivates every creditor to pay the installments perfectly and in time.


  • We are aware that you can get into a situation where you need your money back. For such cases, we offer the possibility of termination of your investment.

Are you not satisfied with the appreciation of your money?

  • If you are not satisfied with the appreciation of your money in the bank and have no or little experience in investing, try investing in loans secured by real estate. It is a simple way to gain your first experience of investing and, at a reasonable level of risk, to achieve an attractive return that easily beats inflation.

Let your savings grow.
Get yield up to


% p.a.

Current offers of loans for investment 

Get a bonus of 20 EUR to your first investment!

Use the promo-code when applying for your first investment in the minimum amount of 400 EUR.

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I agree to the processing of my personal data by RONDA INVEST a.s., with its registered office in Výtvarná 1023/4, Ruzyně, 161 00 Praha 6, IN 06370772, registered in the Commercial Register maintained kept by the Municipal Court in Prague under B 22788 for marketing and bonus of 20 EUR related purposes.

Start investing in secured loans today.


How does investment (participation) work?

We carefully verify the client, his business plan and the offered collateral.

We provide loan from RONDA INVEST resources.

The credit claim is being repaid for a certain period of time.

We will help you choose the right loan to invest in or create your own portfolio.

Make money!
The yield upon investment are is paid to your account on monthly basis.

Learn more about participation:

What is participation

  • Participation is a contractual relationship between RONDA INVEST a.s. and the Investor (Participant),
    which establishes to the Investor (Participant) the right to pay part of the principal and part of the interest income from credit receivables in which the Investor (Participant) has invested in its sole discretion.
  • The Investor (Participant) acquires the possibility to invest in proven credit receivables in the form of participations
    with high creditworthy collateral and an interesting yield.m.
  • The Investor (Participant) is not entitled to transfer the Participation to third parties, to establish the rights of third parties to them, to rent them out or to dispose of them in any way.
    Participation can only be purchased through RONDA INVEST a.s
  • RONDA INVEST a.s. recommends acquiring Participations on portfolio principle in order to reduce risk

Investor benefits

  • on behalf of the Investor RONDA INVEST a.s manages, monitors and enforces the loan receivable for the entire duration of the loan,
  • The participant receives a regular above-standard return.
  • All loan receivables in which Participants have the opportunity to invest are secured by a lien on creditworthy real estate.
  • The invested amount is usually repaid on an ongoing basis.
  • All loan receivables are first financed from the resources of RONDA INVEST a.s. and project partners
  • Revenues of RONDA INVEST a.s. are dependent on the payment morale of the debtor and RONDA INVEST a.s. thus shares the risk with the Participants.
  • RONDA INVEST a.s. does not charge any monthly flat fees for the management or monitoring of the receivable
  • The Participant has the opportunity to assess the current development of the loan receivable before the investment.
  • The Participant has the option to choose any amount of investment if the minimum invested amount of 400 EUR in one Loan is met.
  • The participant has the opportunity to diversify risk by investing in more credit claims.

Loan strategy RONDA INVEST a.s.

Based on our long term experience in lending, we strictly follow the following strategy when financing:

  • Loans are secured by real estate,
  • we secure loans mainly by residential real estate in Prague, around Prague or regional cities,
  • the whole loan process is executed by an experienced team of experts with many years of experience in providing bank and non-bank loans,
  • complete legal service is provided by experienced lawyers with knowledge of credit issues.

Yield from Participation

  • Depends on the specific credit claim in which you decide to invest and on the payment morality of the borrower. The share of the return for the Investor is usually calculated at 4 % p.a. up to 6% p.a.

Model example:

Example of Participation's yield income in the Investor's share of interest income corresponding to 4 % p.a.


Monthly yield

Yearly yield

Yield in 5 years

1 000 000 Kč

3 333 Kč

40 000 Kč

200 000 Kč

3 000 000 Kč

10 000 Kč

120 000 Kč

600 000 Kč

5 000 000 Kč

16 667 Kč

200 000 Kč

1 000 000 Kč


The fees for arranging and managing Participations are determined by the Participation Tariff, which can be found here.

Extra yield returns can also be achieved, for example in the case of an early repayment option before maturity for the debtor.



Estimated duration of Participation

  • The estimated duration of Participation is based on the maturity of the credit claim in which the Participant invests. The expected duration of Participation usually does not exceed 60 months.

What happens if the loan client does not repay?

  • RONDA INVEST a.s. employees have many years of experience in providing loans and enforcing them - they always try to choose the way that leads to the fastest possible return of the funds provided in the highest possible volume.
  • Each loan offered for participation is secured by a guarantor declaration by a natural person (owner of the debtor) or that natural person is a co-borrower of the loan granted.
  • Each loan offered for participation is also secured by a notarial deed with permission for enforceability, which allows RONDA INVEST a.s. to speed up any enforcement process.
  • In the event of a default of the loan client, RONDA INVEST a.s. applies a standard recovery process; if the client/guarantor does not adequately respond to reminders, RONDA INVEST a.s. is entitled to proceed with the realization of the real estate pledge.
  • In case of non-compliance with the contractual conditions by the client, RONDA INVEST a.s. is also entitled to apply various contractual measures against the client (reminders, contractual penalties, loss of the benefit of instalments, ...).
  • In the case of the aforementioned process, Participants do not pay any additional fees, but RONDA INVEST may set off the costs incurred against the amount recovered.

Risks associated with Participation

  • Although RONDA INVEST a.s. strives to minimize the risks associated with Participations in loan receivables, investing in loans always carries certain risks.
  • An overview of the most crucial risks can be found here.


  • In October 2019, RONDA INVEST provided a loan to two Czech companies, which was used to reconstruct a beautiful apartment building in Prague-Smíchov and also to refinance the client's liabilities with another financial institution. In the successfully completed project, the units are currently being sold after reconstruction and transferred to the end owners.
  • At the same time, RONDA INVEST sends the received funds to investors in this project, who were thus able to obtain a return of 4.6386% p.a. thanks to this short-term investment.

The loan from RONDA INVEST helped us to streamline our business and also increase our capacity through the purchase of real estate, which serves as a background for our drivers and transport equipment. We are now making full use of this increased capacity, as we have seen increased demand for food delivery due to coronavirus in recent weeks. The shopping frenzy is over, but we are still above the average. Fortunately, we have enough drivers, but we still drive non-stop and use all our cars. We pay maximum attention to the safety of transported food and our drivers, so we have equipped them with a sufficient number of drapes, disinfectant gels and follow other measures.

Michal Bilej
Owner of a smaller company operating in the field of road transport

→ Invest in this business loan. The loan is secured by: Multifunctional object - Velké Popovice


I managed to buy the U Kampusu building at auction thanks to RONDA INVEST. Initially, I asked for bank houses, which unfortunately could not guarantee me funds that would be able to release me on the basis of the auction won. That's why I asked RONDA INVEST, which helped me finance the project with the fact that they didn't require pre-sales or any other guarantees. This made the project easier and very manageable for me. Within one year, the project was reconstructed and now 95% is sold out. I am planning other projects of this type and I will definitely be happy to contact ROND again.

More on:

Ing. Radek Hončl
Owner and manager of the U Kampusu project

The loan from RONDA INVEST helped us to successfully overcome the cash flow situation at the moment when we decided to take advantage of the investment opportunity.

In RONDA, we found a good partner focused on solutions, speed and helpfulness beyond expectations.

For me personally, an unprecedented degree of trust and reliability in this segment. I recommend cooperating with RONDA INVEST and I will definitely use their services again.

Ing. Marcel Vargaeštók
Chefparade s.r.o.

Thanks to the flexibility and speed of the loan from RONDA INVEST a.s. In 11 months, our company succeeded in buying, reconstructing and conveniently selling residential units in an apartment building on Rybalková Street in Vinohrady.
More on:

Tomáš Slavík
CEO, Rybalkova 6, s.r.o.